this site is an experiment to allow people to play Jocly games.

Jocly is an open source library of board games, more than a hundred are available, but the game server has been down for quite a while now.

This experiment does not pretend to have the efficiency and all the features that were present on jocly.com, nor is it as secure, but :

Pros and cons

You choose what is pro or con :


So this is an experiment. The site can be modified, removed or games storage reset at anytime. No guarantee at all :)


Jocly was created by Michel Gutierrez : https://github.com/mi-g

My name is Jerome Choain, aka @jcfrog. I worked for Michel on Jocly for 4 years. Since then I have continued to create games and improvments for clients.

You can email me at jerome at choain dot fr